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4/5/8:  SPECIAL PRICE on 'Ek Chuah' for Australian orders - free postage within Australia!  

4/5/8: The printers proof of the double issue has been approved.  It is just now up to the printers to complete the job and send us delivery of the completed order.  Voting for the The Dark Animus awards will commence once this issue is in the post.

3/30/8: I am up to date with my slush pile. so if you did not receive a reply, either I never received it or your email has changed.  

6/18/7: Interview with Gail Z.Martin posted with the Dark Animus review of her fantasy novel, The Summoner.  This is the first author interview posted on the site, and hopefully there will be more to come.

7/24/6: IMPORTANT: Russel Morgan - please email me as I have lost your details in an electrical storm.

Story Submission status: Closed to non-subscriber submissions.  

Processed up to 30th March, 2008 

Poetry Submission status: Closed to non-subscriber submissions.

Processed up to 30th March, 2008




Aussie orders may be made through this site.

Cover art by Flament Herve

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2002-2003 Dark Animus winners announced

News from the SF-CrowsNest

Each digest-sized issue of Dark Animus will be packed with stories from some of the most powerful writers of contemporary pulp fiction.  Filled with chilling horror, weird fiction, thrilling tales of suspense,  uncanny science fiction, and unsettling  psychological  masterpieces, Dark Animus will disturb your sensibilities.

It should be noted that Dark Animus  is a magazine to promote the work of emerging and established writers, poets and artists.  All proceeds from sales go back into the magazine itself in one form or another.

Authors scheduled to appear in future issues (Yellow : latest added)

Kevin Anderson
Tim Curran   Apryl Fox (poet) George Higham
Paul Haines Richard Harland George Ivanoff
MP Johnson Paul Kane
Michelle Lawrence (poet) Nan Purnell (poet)
Brian M.Sammons Cat Sparks Charles Spiteri
Andrew Wood
and more.....

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