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Clarion 2004

Regina Brewster

James R.Cain

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Updated 31st July 2007

Class of Clarion South 2004 

with Kim Wilkins the week 1 tutor, and Kate Eltham (organiser).

(Photos below name.  Thanks to Cat Sparks who took all these wonderful pictures!)

James R.Cain

Matthew Chrulew

Brendan Duffy


Stories Workshopped

Comment by James R.Cain

Clarion 2004 had to be one of the hardest but most worthwhile 6 weeks of my writing life.  The following tales were workshopped by the group, and by workshopped, I mean the stories were presented and commented upon by all those present.  The aim of this process was for the author to obtain a diversity of opinion, and hopefully build the story into a stronger tale.    Some of the tales have yet to be published, and this may be simply because the author hasn't gotten around to it, doesn't want to publish it, or is leaving the story to lie fallow until they feel ready to bring it out to its full potential.  It comes as no surprise also, in a publishing world where the higher end market take up to 12 months to give a reply on a submitted piece, that a tale may simply take years to place.  In short, the fact a story is unpublished has no reflection on the quality of the piece.

 Author Story Workshopped Where placed / comment
Zara Baxter Sacred Calf  unplaced
Zara Baxter The Topiarist  unplaced
Zara Baxter Fantastic Creations Inc  unplaced
Zara Baxter Say It With Flowers  unplaced
Zara Baxter Pulls Us Apart  unplaced
Zara Baxter Unspeaking in Tongues  unplaced
Zara Baxter, Bren Macdibble, Tracey Rolfe Keeper of Sorrows  unplaced
 James R.Cain  Heaven and Hell Due in The Blue Lady - Issue #2
 James R.Cain  Hard Rain Due in Fantastical Visions V anthology
 James R.Cain  Super Dupe Published in BBT #2 as "Sexo".

Also due in the "Way out West" anthology.

 James R.Cain  Irreconcilable Differences Red Scream #0
 James R.Cain  Happy Birthday Pinko Fantastical Visions III anthology
 James R.Cain  Robot Dreaming  unplaced
 James R.Cain  Rusty Nails Encounters chapbook from Naked Snake Press (USA)
Matthew Chrulew Where Warriors Wait Aurealis 33/34/35
Matthew Chrulew Schubert by Candlelight unplaced
Matthew Chrulew Between the Memories unplaced
Matthew Chrulew What is it Like to be a Bat? unplaced
Matthew Chrulew Clair’s Audience Love Lines 2005
Matthew Chrulew The Grand Menagerie being novelized
Matthew Chrulew The Vomit Prophecies not workshopped - unplaced
Matthew Chrulew Blood and Smoke unplaced
Matthew Chrulew The Ang?lien Revolution unplaced
Matthew Chrulew Watching Cats Walk Lines not workshopped -  unfinished
Matthew Chrulew The Assyrian Triptych not workshopped -  unfinished
Brendan Duffy Come to Daddy AGOG Terrific Tales

Winner of the Aurealis Award for Best SF short story 2004!!!

Listed in the Recommended Reading list in "The Year's Best Australian SF & Fantasy, One"

Brendan Duffy Smash the bottle unplaced - being novelized
Brendan Duffy Deep Ruin unfinished 
Brendan Duffy World's wackiest Upper Atmosphere reentry disasters dating game unfinished 
Brendan Duffy dominoes unfinished 
Brendan Duffy Superseeder not workshopped - unfinished 
Paul Haines Inducing unplaced
Paul Haines Lifelike & Josephine  AGOG Ripping Reads
Paul Haines The Festival of Colour   Aurealis 37
Paul Haines Her Collection Of Intimacy  Macabre anthology
Paul Haines Necromancing the Bones Dark Animus #10/11 
Paul Haines The Dead Only Quickly Decay    not workshopped - unfinished 
Paul Haines & Claire McKenna Warchalking   AGOG Smashing Stories

Listed in the Recommended Reading list in "The Year's Best Australian SF & Fantasy, One"

Bren MacDibble Lost Property Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #14 
Bren MacDibble "Death by Stupidity" retitled to "A Complete Refabrication" Orb 7
Bren MacDibble Wrong Delivery unplaced
Bren MacDibble In Mud unplaced
Bren MacDibble Carousel unplaced
Bren MacDibble "Dark Places" retitled to "Collecting Whispers" ASIM 30
Andrew Macrae The Star Chamber unfinished
Andrew Macrae Derek Godley's Penultimate World Will appear in Aurealis.
Andrew Macrae They Sleep Awake unfinished
Andrew Macrae The Superb Grace of the Steel Beam, the Delicacy of Reinforced Concrete
Orb #6  Finalist in the Writers of the Future contest, final round 2004.

Listed in the Recommended Reading list in "The Year's Best Australian SF & Fantasy, One"

 Catriona Sparks  Home by the Sea Orb #6  Nominated for an Aurealis Award in the Best SF category 2004.

Nominated for a DITMAR in the best novellas category 2004.

Included in "The Years Best Australian SF & Fantasy, One"

Catriona Sparks Message in a Bottle Borderlands
Catriona Sparks Arctica unplaced
Catriona Sparks Merinda - new title 'The Jarrah Run' unfinished
Catriona Sparks Forever Our Nicole unfinished
Wendy Waring A Weaver's Tale Chapter from the novel, Empire of the Pure.  Novel is a work in progress.
Wendy Waring The Other Woman unfinished
Wendy Waring Steve's Story unfinished
Wendy Waring Au pays des merveilles (In Wonderland) Tesseracts anthology 2006
Wendy Waring The Tear Harvester unplaced
Wendy Waring You're memory Westerly: Volume 49

UWA Press, Nov, 2004.

Michael McGirr called this story a 'bijou' in his Sydney Morning Herald review of the journal issue. (11-12/12/04)"

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