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Eisenhorn (Omnibus of Hereticus, Malleus & Xenos)  SF Dan Abnett
Hereticus  SF Dan Abnett
Malleus  SF Dan Abnett
Xenos  SF Dan Abnett
TITAN God-machine  SF Dan Abnett
Bitten  H Kelley Armstrong
Secret Tide  Drama Douglas Arnold
Hate - Kill - Repeat (A Friday the 13th Novel)  H Jason Arnopp
Phoenix Tales: Stories of Death & Life Collection Gregory Bernard Banks
Checkpoint  Drama Nicholson Baker
Darwin's Children  SF Greg Bear
Kingdom of the Blind (A Judge Dredd novel)  SF David Bishop
Operation Vampyr  H David Bishop
Suffer the Children (A Nightmare on Elm Street novel)  H David Bishop
Day by Day Armageddon  H / SF J.L.Bourne
Cannibals  H Rex Bowman
The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead  H Max Brooks
The Panic Hand  Collection Jonathan Carroll
Swine Fever (A Judge Dredd novel)  SF Andrew Cartmel
Hotel Midnight  Collection Simon Clark
The Tower  H Simon Clark
Specimen Days  H / SF Michael Cunningham
Skin Medicine  H Tim Curran
Street Rats  Drama Tim Curran
House of Leaves  SF/H Mark Z.Danielewski
Dark Legacy  F Cory Daniells
The Last T'en  F Cory Daniells
The Shadow Kingdom (Omnibus of Dark Legacy, The Last T'en & The Warrior Code)  F Cory Daniells
The Warrior Code  F Cory Daniells
Jubilee  SF Jack Dann
Bardic Tales and Sage Advice  F Julie Ann Dawson, Julie Hedge, Colleen Schonat, Stijn Hommes
souLkeepers  F Steve Dean
Things from the Past  Collection Steven Deighan
Wild Kingdoms  F Robert Earl
Dreamspawn (A Nightmare on Elm Street novel)  H Christa Faust
Through the Window of Life, We Investigate the Journey  Poetry Sam Fields
Dead Ball (A Blood Bowl novel)  F Matt Forbeck
Immoral  H Brian Freeman
Mama's Boy  H Fran Friel
Neverwhere  H Neil Gaiman
Anansi Boys  F Neil Gaiman
Expendable  SF James Alan Gardner
Ascension (A Dawn of War novel)  SF C S Goto
Dawn of War  SF C S Goto
Salvation (A Necromunda novel)  SF C S Goto
Warrior Brood  SF C S Goto
Top Bloke  H Gordon Graham
Jigsaw Men  SF Gary Greenwood
Ferren and the Angel  F Richard Harland
Ferren and the Invasion of Heaven  F Richard Harland
The Dark Edge  SF Richard Harland
The Vicar of Morbing Vyle  H Richard Harland
Hannibal Rising  H Thomas Harris
Nobody True  H James Herbert
Ceres Storm  SF David Herter
Touching Evil  H Kay Hooper
Whisper of Evil  H Kay Hooper
Death Moon (A Jason X novel)  H Alex S Johnson
The Limits of Enchantment  F Graham Joyce
The Rising  H Brian Keene
The Other  SF Victor Kelleher
The Dark Half  H Stephen King
Extremities  Collection Kathe Koja
Odd Thomas  H Dean Koontz
The Husband  H Dean Koontz
Bad Chili  Pulp Joe R.Lansdale
By Bizarre Hands  Collection Joe R.Lansdale
Captains Outrageous  Pulp Joe R.Lansdale
Mucho Mojo  Pulp Joe R.Lansdale
Rumble Tumble  Pulp Joe R.Lansdale
Savage Season  Pulp Joe R.Lansdale
Sunset and Sawdust  Pulp Joe R.Lansdale
The King and Other Stories Collection Joe R.Lansdale
The Two-Bear Mambo  Pulp Joe R.Lansdale
The Glory Bus  H Richard Laymon
Infernal Angel  H Edward Lee
End of the Line (A Final Destination novel)  H Rebecca Levene
Necroscope: The Touch  H / SF Brian Lumley
The Vampire Slayers' Field Guide to the Undead  H Shane MacDougall
Pressed Pennies  Drama Steven Manchester
Child of Prophecy (Sevenwaters Trilogy)  F Juliet Marillier
Daughter of the Forest (Sevenwaters Trilogy)  F Juliet Marillier
Son of the Shadows (Sevenwaters Trilogy)  F Juliet Marillier
Fevre Dream  SF George R.R.Martin
The Summoner  F Gail Z.Martin
The Chemical Palace  Drama Fiona McGregor
Destination Zero (A Final Destination novel)  H David McIntee
Dead Sky, Black Sun  SF Graham McNeill
Horror's Classic Masters REMASTERED  H Edited by Kurt S.Michaels
Blood Red  H James A.Moore
A Carnivore's Inquiry  H Sabina Murray
The Night Country  H Stewart O'Nan
Haunted  H Chuck Palahniuk
Church of the Divine Psychopath (A Friday the 13th novel)  H Scott Phillips
November Mourns  H Tom Piccirilli
Thrust  H Tom Piccirilli
Second Glance  H Jodi Picoult
The Wildfire Season  H Andrew Pyper
Set the Seas on Fire  F Chris Roberson
Splinter  SF Adam Roberts
Blade Trinity  H Natasha Rhodes
Dante's Girl  H Natasha Rhodes
The McAtrix Derided  Parody Robertski Brothers
Link Detonator  F Mary E.Rose
Blood Touch  H Cinsearae R.Santiago
It's Only Temporary  SF Eric Shapiro
Days of Allison  SF Eric Shapiro
Black Butterflies Collection John Shirley
The Exploded Heart Collection John Shirley
Prophet Margin (A Strontium Dog novel)  SF Simon Spurrier
Whiteout (A Judge Dredd novel)  SF James Swallow
Everybody Scream!  H Jeffrey Thomas
The Heart of ABRACAX  H Jon Towers
Want to Play  Crime P.J.Tracy
 Dracul: The Vampire Returns  H James C.Wardlaw
Evolution's Darling  SF Scott Westerfield
The Storm Weaver & The Sand  F Sean Williams
Electric Dragon  F Patrick Wood
Demon Download (A Dark Future novel)  SF Jack Yeovil


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