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Headhunter chapbook - ORDER HERE

Review by Bram Stoker Winning author Mike Arnzen follows


Cover art by Les Petersen


"Headhunter" by Tim Curran     (novella)  

"Friday Night Freak Show - Open all Night" by Tim Curran     

 Internal Illustrators

Les Petersen




"Headhunter will decapitate you with its breathless power.  Tim Curran's metaphors zing like bullets past a kevlar helmet -- they come out of nowhere and almost take your head off.  His characters sound like they've been there, dug into the muck of a war that nobody wanted.  Headhunter is as much about a mythic "devil that hunts heads" as it is about the horror of the Vietnam experience.  And for all its spookiness, every sentence in this book drips with the dark realism.  The story rings so true to 'Nam and yet for all its realism, it's a fantasy story about the dreams and nightmares of the grunt soldier cast into the jungle.  From the grim "reapers" of green facepaint to the Vietnamese legends and ghost stories, this book jumps right into the battlefield of fear.  If you only know Vietnam from the history books, this novella will scar you and I don't think you'll ever look at that war -- or any conflict -- the same way again.  You can't ignore the power of this writer and you'll never forget Tim Curran after reading this book.  I'm tempted to say that this is what Tim O'Brien would sound like if he wrote horror fiction -- or that this is what Peter Straub's Koko should have been.  You'll see shades of Apocolypse Now and Platoon in here, but Curran's clearly marching into the darkness and mapping out a territory that's all his own.  Because of its unforgettable brutality, this is not an easy novella to read, but that's also precisely why you must read it.  It'll traumatize you and haunt you long after you've put it down.  Headhunter is a very important addition to the literature of the Vietnam war -- and certainly to the horror genre.  Tim Curran will win a lot of fans with this one.  Headless, I now count myself among them."

Michael Arnzen, author of Grave Markings and Freakaccidents

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