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Sculpted by George Higham

The second Dark Animus awards will be fun following the release of the Dark Animus 10/11 double issue/anthology in November 2006.  Awards will be presented for the best new fiction, best poetry, best internal illustration and best cover as appeared in Dark Animus Issues 6-10/11 inclusive.  Voting will start in November.  All subscribers will be able (and expected) to vote.  But you have to be in Dark Animus to be a contender, so get those submissions in fast!  Oh, and if you want to vote . . . you better subscribe.  ;)

Praise for George:

"I got my "George"!! Man, it is really wicked-looking.  Incredible. Looks awesome on my shelf next to my Poe in my cobwebby, crowded cellar writing corner."

T.Curran - Winner Best Short Story 2002-2003

"I received this morning the prize I won from Dark Animus!  Real great! . . . Thanks again for that beautiful statue!"

F. HervĂ© - Winner Best Cover 2002-2003

"I received my George!!!! Wow, it's incredible! and has my full name inscribed on the bottom too! haha.  I'd like to thank you for this, and George Higham for the excellent sculpture piece, and the readers who voted for me! :)  . . . It feels great to own a George."

H. Khosnaran - Winner Best Internal Illustration 2002-2003

"The award arrived safely, and what a "beauty" it is. Talk about detail! I brought it to work and placed it on my desk where I can see it all day."

A.Kowalczyk - Winner Best Poem 2002-2003

What is the George?

The "George" is given for the best new fiction, illustration, poem or cover art appearing in over a 5 issue period.  This is voted on by subscribers, and is for new work only - reprints are ineligible as contenders.

2002-2003 Dark Animus award winners

Best Cover

1st      -     Flament Herve (France) - Dark Animus #4 cover

2nd    -      Heesco Khosnaran  (Australia) - Dark Animus #5 cover  

3rd    -      Cat Sparks (Australia) - Dark Animus #3 collector cover  

Best Short Fiction

1st     -     Tim Curran  (USA) "The Puppeteer" (DA#5)

2nd     -    George Higham (USA) "Puppet Graveyard" (DA#5)

3rd     -    Brendan Duffy (Australia) "The Three Faces of Ever" (DA#1)

4th    -     Chris Barnes  (Australia) "The Phantom Touch" (DA#2)

Best Poem

1st     -     Alec Kowalczyk  (USA) "Mirrorrim" (DA#5)

2nd    -     Mike Arnzen (USA) "The Chandelier" (DA#3)

3rd    -     Christina Sng  (Singapore) "Death of a Thousand Papercuts" (DA#2)

Best Interior Illustration

1st                  -    Heesco Khosnaran  (Australia) - Illustration for "The Puppeteer" (DA#5)

2nd (draw)      -    Regina Brewster (Australia) - Illustration for "Kathleen, Furnished with Bees" (DA#5)

2nd (draw)      -    Russell Dickerson (USA) - Illustration for "Wood on Bone" (DA#3)        

Congratulations to all the winners!!!  

I encourage you all to visit George Higham's site at Poe Puppet and see his other brilliant work.  George is a modern macabre master and film maker.  His animated movie Annabel Lee is for sale as well as other collectable Poe items.  I highly recommend it.  If you're a lover of Poe, George's work and site is a must. 




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