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Clarion 2004

Regina Brewster

James R.Cain

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Issue #1 cover art by Les Petersen


"Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man" by R.J.Barker   

"Soft White Underbelly" by Tim Curran       

"The Three Faces of Ever" by  Brendan Duffy   

"Snow Angels" by Greg F.Gifune   

"Friday's Gift" by  Brian Lingard

"The Baby Lot" by   Robert Swartwood


The tale "The Three Faces of Ever" By Brendan Duffy in this issue came third in the new fiction category of the 2002/2003 Dark Animus awards. 


"Bone Cancer" by Michael A.Arnzen

"Scream 6" by  Michael A.Arnzen

"Suicidiot" by  Michael A.Arnzen

"Skin Deep" by   Kevin L.Donihe

"Ancient as the Quest that Calls her Name" by Kurt Newton

"Incoming" by Nancy Purnell   


Internal Illustrators

Marcia Borell

Nathan Brown

James R.Cain

Scott Carpenter

Sandy Deluca

Bev Grazier

Joanna Jensen



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