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Issue #5 cover art by Heesco Khosnaran

This is quite an issue.  The story "The Puppeteer" by Tim Curran won the 2002/2003 Dark Animus new fiction award and the accompanying illustration by Heesco Khosnaran won the award for best illustration. Alec Kowalczyk won the Dark Animus award for best poem for "Mirrorrim" which appears in this issue. 

 Regina Brewster came in second for her illustration for "Kathleen, Furnished with Bees."  "Puppet Graveyard" by George Higham, came in second in the new fiction category, and the cover by Heesco came in second for the year's best cover.  


"Puppet Graveyard" by George Higham

"That Lump" by Samuel Low

"Kathleen, Furnished With Bees" by Alinta Thornton

"To Die Dreaming" by Sam W.Anderson

"The Puppeteer" by Tim Curran

"Cheating the Devil" by Cory Daniells

"The Beetle" by Michael John Woods

"Hardboiled" byWilliam I. Lengeman III

"Turning the Tables" byTim Johnson

"True Love" by Nelson Stanley


"Mirrorrim" by Alec Kowalczyk

"Tiyanak" by Aurelio Rico Lopez III

"Rapture" byChristina Sng

"Song of the Chemical Boy" by Nile A.Coy

Internal Illustrators

Regina Brewster

Nathan Brown

Marcia Borell

Russell Dickerson

Chris Friend

Dion Hamil

Heesco Khosnaran

Sean Madden

Alex McVey

Cat Sparks

Emily Veinglory



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