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Updated: 26th February 2007


Subscribers can submit anytime. 

Submissions and queries:  poet at darkanimus . com

We're after dark, gritty, original, literary poems that will not exceed one page in the magazine.  Poems which stir the emotions, poems which disturb or shake the sensibilities of your modern life.  We want the voice of the shadow in your subconscious, heart and dreams.  Don't send us cliche works or happy rhymes.  Save your 'Ode to the Buttercups' for another publication and damnit, don't send us any limericks.  If you want a good idea of the sort of poetry we are after, please purchase and read a copy of Dark Animus.

Recommended reading to guide you:  

  • Dark Animus #1: "Bone Cancer" by Mike Arnzen & "Incoming" by Nancy Purnell  

  • Dark Animus #2: "Shrunken Monkey Heads" by Christina Sng & "Just Another day" By Nancy Purnell 

  • Dark Animus #3: "Sadhu" by Julie Shiel & "Children of the First Explorers" by Christina Sng 

  • Dark Animus #4: "Seeing it Move" by Emily Veinglory & "Curls of Fog" by Lee Clark Zumpe 

  • Dark Animus #5: "Mirrorrim" by Alex Kowalczyk & "Rapture" by Christina Sng 

  • Dark Animus #6: "Sleep takes a vacation" by Christina Sng

  • Dark Animus #7: "Faces in the Woodwork" by Justin Josephnek Klör, "Regret" by Nancy Purnell  

 These selections best illustrate the qualities of work I'm seeking.    

Does your poem work on at least two levels? 

Before you send me your poem read it over and ask yourself, does it work on at least two levels?

I'm after dark and visionary poetry, but if you're poem doesn't also make me think, doesn't inspire or instil your vision, then it won't be a good fit.  Simple horror poetry will probably not be enough for acceptance.  You have no idea how many poems I receive about psychopaths or depressive self-absorbed pieces of tripe. Go outside of yourself.  Follow your muse and see where she leads - then send your completed work to me.   

Note on the use of Rhyme:

I'd caution against the use of rhyme.  Rhyme is a very powerful poetic tool, which can often overshadow the poet's voice.  If rhyme does not accentuate your message, for example, by instilling a necessary rhythm, then don't use it.  If you use it anyway, don't send it to me.

Sending your work to me: 

Make poems no more than 30 lines and embed them in the body of an email.  

On the subject line have: 

'POETRY SUBMISSION' your name and the number of poems in the submission.    

In the body of your email, include your full name, postal address, email address, and publishing credits. 


                        NO REPRINTS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

                        NO SIMULTANEOUS SUBMISSIONS.

                        EMAIL SUBMISSIONS ONLY.

Poem contributors receive one contributor copy of the issue in which their work appears.  If more than three poems are published in a single issue, then two contributor copies will be paid.  

Copyright remains with the poet  – Dark Animus seeks First Print Rights, one use only. 

Response time for poems is generally ASAP-12 weeks


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