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Ek Chuah is reviewed in  

CEMETERY DANCE  Issue 59 (jun 2008)

ALBERTO One Issue 34 (Feb 2008)

Black Petals Issue 38 (Winter 2007)

Maximum Rock & Roll #282 (Nov 2006)

PLUS the following are extracts from letters received from readers who enjoyed the book:

"Thanks for the good read . . . I enjoyed Ek Chuah."

S.Vernon - CAN

"This was exactly my kind of book."

L.Jackson - AUS  

(spoiler omitted) My god James, that's the best damn analogy I've ever read! Actually, EK CHUAH was packed with lots of great stuff, the way-colorful analogies being just one. Relentless pacing, GRUESOME imagery and intrigue were just a few others.   Not for a long time did I nearly miss my subway stop because I was so engrossed (emphasis on "gross"!) in reading, but your book brought me to that point.  Good job, man!"

George Higham - Filmmaker, Lurker Films - USA

"I think you did well for a 1st book and your writing style approached that of Dean Koonz in may places - that is a real complement as I think he is the finest writer of horror thriller writing today. . . . I liked the book and it was a "page turner". Congrats!"

 J.Wardlaw - Author - USA

"EK CHUAH was a good read, very easy to follow and you can really feel for the two main characters."

N.Lenton - CAN

"I finished reading your book, "EK CHUAH," last night.  I enjoyed it enough to complete it in about a week while working a full-time job, so that should tell you something. The police shootout and forensics scenes seemed expertly done and as sharp as any I've read, and I really got a "kick" out of Samantha, Dianne and Molly. As I read the novel it materialized into sort of this Robert Rodriguez-esque lanscape/vision yet with a uniqueness entirely all its own. As a Floyd-head, I had to chuckle during the assault on the stereo/CD player emitting "Breathe." Nice job and I look forward to your next."

D.Lombardo - USA

"EK CHUAH is one hell of a book -- a strange and evocative erotic supernatural thriller, twisted and shocking in all the best ways.  Cain's writing is as tight as a fist, twisting around a supple throat as he turns up the heat.  The characters in this book go to places that will surprise and horrify you.  A great down-and-dirty read!"

Mike Arnzen 
Bram Stoker winning author of Grave Markings – USA







 Ek Chuah is a 200 page trade 
 paperback by James R.Cain 
 published by Active Bladder 
 in the USA. 

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 about the book?

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